Bullbars & Winches

Bullbars & Winches

Quality products. For protection & safety.

At BAM Garage located in the heart of Brisbane we can install a variety of products to assist in safety when entering & exiting the vehicle or for additional protection when faced with an obstruction. We deal with a range of brands & can provide competitive pricing on Opposite Lock, Kingsley, EGR, Formula Offroad, ARB, TJM and OE genuine suppliers.

Weather it be a bullbar, side steps or brush bars all of these products are good for minimising financial and practical discomfort when it comes to a small mishap. Bullbars are a great addition which can improve the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle. Bullbars are also useful for front end durability, mounting LED lights, winches & antennas. Side steps can also be an important safety measure to assist with entering and exiting your vehicle.

Always remember that adding accessories such as bullbars will add additional weight to your vehicles suspension. Regardless of what the product is made out of your vehicles suspension will sag down (short & long term). We strongly recommend upgrading your vehicles suspension to compensate for this. Refer to our suspension page for more information.

Check out our gallery for examples of our work. 

Colour Coding
BAM Garage can colour code the bullbar and underbody shields to the colour of your vehicle. The can upgrade the overall look of your vehicle, aswell as prevent long term fading.
Suspension Upgrade
We strongly recommend upgrading your vehicles suspension. BAM Garage can modify your vehicles suspension to compensate for the additional weight of products such as bullbars.
LED Lighting
Now that you have a bullbar why not add some lighting to it? LED light bars & LED spot lights are a brilliant way of improving night driving and overall appearance.

Winches 4x4 & ATV

Safety, strength & ease of use

BAM Garage, located in Brisbane can competently supply, install and wire up your solar power needs. A well designed and setup solar system is perfect to withstand constant load and can look cosmetically pleasing with slime-line and different dimension panels.

Imagine leaving your Engel fridge running all day long to reveal that your auxiliary battery is still reading over 12 volts. It is certainly possible. Whether it is for work or leisure solar is an excellent way of charging an auxiliary battery. If running solar we do recommend also charging your battery with a 40amp DCDC charger, this allows a fool proof solution for rainy days.

Remember having a battery monitoring system in place is crucial. BAM Garage custom builds a fully monitored DC controller box. This controller box houses all of the electrical infrastructure to include a battery voltage meter, battery low voltage cut-off, lights to illuminate when the system is working vs. when the low voltage cut-off has engaged, power sockets, circuit breakers and a built in solar regulator . The DC controller box can also house an inverter master safety switch, and inverter wiring infrastructure. See inverters for more information.

Want to see this in the flesh? Check out our work in the gallery!

Remote Controlled
A remoted controlled winch is more handy then alot of people think. All Runva electric winches are remote control compatible, however only top of the range Warn winches are currently compatible.
Synthetic Rope
Synthetic can be a great option since it is lightweight and easy to handle. It is also a much safer product to use then steel rope.
Number Plate Flipper
A winch on many vehicles will be mounted behind the number plate. When this is the case a number plate flipper is required. When you want to use your winch, just flip up your number plate.