Recovery Points

Recovery Towing Points

An off road essential

Recovery towing points are a must have if you are taking your vehicle off road. It is crucial to use a quality recovery point that is manufactured specifically for your vehicle. Vehicle specific recovery points are tested and mounted in a location that can withstand the loads of a vehicle recovery. Recovery points come as a pair with rated mounting bolts and should be used in conjunction with an equiliser bridle. It is also good to have a rear recovery point when driving off road, where possible user a hitch reciever in place of your towbar tongue. Warning - never recover off a towball.

Tested & Rated
FEA & WLL rated and tested through design and destruction.
Car Specific
Snorkels are manufactured to specifically suit the looks of each type of vehicle.
Safety first
Always think of safety first and access your surroundings for an extra moment before recovering a vehicle