Isuzu DMAX – GVM Upgrade 3600kg & GCM Upgrade 7000kg

Isuzu D-MAX GVM Upgrade

Upgrade your Isuzu DMAX from factory 2950kg to 3600kg

GVM Upgrade

Step 1, upgrade your Isuzu DMAX to 3600kg GVM through Second Stage of Manufacture (SSM)

Braked Towing Capacity
Step 2, opt to upgrade through Second Stage of Manufacturing (SSM) and not LS11 code to ensure your braked towing capacity will not decrease

With a 3600kg GVM, an unchanged OE 3500kg brake tow rating & a GCM from 6450kg to 7000kg you are set up - (if complianced through SSM and not LS11)

Save $550-$660 under the second stage manufacturer (SSM) scheme if GVM upgrade is carried out prior to inital registration point
GVM Upgrades with SSM vs. LS11
Find out more information on the specifics of doing a Second Stage of Manufacture GVM upgrade vs. LS11 GVM upgrade

More information on SSM vs. LS11


Before modification GVM / GCM (GVM + Braked Towing Capacity) / Brake Towing Capacity
GVM – 2950kg
Braked Towing Capacity - 3500kg
GCM  – 5950kg. Isuzu rate the GCM to 5950kg and not 6450kg

After modification GVM / GCM (GVM + Braked Towing Capacity) / Brake Towing Capacity
GVM – 3600kg
Braked Towing Capacity - 3500kg
GCM  – 7000kg

Load carrying capacity per axle - after modification
Front Axle - 1450kg
Rear Axle - 2150kg

Note that The GCM (Gross Combined Mass) doesn’t form part of a Lovells GVM Upgrade or noted in Lovells DIT Approval for Second Stage of Manufacture. As mentioned above it is basically governed by the new GVM of the vehicle and the maximum braked towing capacity.

The Original Equipment maximum braked towing capacity for example on the Isuzu DMAX 06/2012~ is 3500kg. This doesn’t increase nor decrease when our GVM Upgrade is fitted, it remains at 3500kg. Unlike LS11 10% GVM upgrades where the braked towing capacity will decrease - but that is a completely different ball game marketed at vehicles prior to 2005 build dates & vehicles that do not have Second Stage of Manufacturer testing approvals, read more about LS11 vs. SSM here.

Expect approx. 30mm-50mm lift over OE, dependant on weight and location of accessories fitted. Save $550 - $660 if GVM upgrade is done prior to first inital registration point under the second stage manufacturer (SSM) scheme.



If vehicle is new and has never been registered

  • $1,000.00 deposit, or if financed through vehicle package then a purchase order number from applicable Isuzu dealership
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Month and year of vehicle build date
  • Seating capacity
  • End user name
  • End user address
  • Purpose of use

If vehicle is already registered

  • $1,000.00 deposit
  • Copy of registration certificate - both sides
  • Image of the vehicle with registration plate visible
  • Image of the vehicle compliance plate
  • End user name
  • End user address



Coil Springs                              5 year unlimited km

Leaf Springs                             5 year unlimited km

Shock Absorbers                      3 year/70.000km whichever occurs first

Suspension Components        2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first

Towing Components                2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first