Battery & Solar

Dual Battery Systems

Simple to use. Complex infrastructure.

At BAM Garage Morningside we can install & wire up your auxiliary battery setup, also referred to as a dual battery system. Ideal for work or leisure, being able to run your accessories from a power source that is seperate to your vehicles starting battery is highly beneficial. Additionally, modern vehicles already have an extensive number of factory fitted electrical components to run and require as much cranking capacity as possible to start. So the less load on your starting battery, the better.

Dual battery setups vary from car-to-car. Some vehicles already have two start batteries from factory in which case a third battery is sometimes possible to be added, or alternatively the two batteries are split (one into a starting battery, and one into a cycling battery) and the now single starting battery is upgraded as necessary. Other vehicles cannot have batteries installed in the engine bay due to lack of space and therefore can be located in the rear tub/tray/canopy.

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Jump Start Link Switch
A neat feature to add to your dual battery is a jump start link switch. BAM Garage can install a solenoid & switch which will allow you to join both batteries together momentarily. A much easier solution then jump cables.
DCDC Battery Charger
Remove unnecessary load from your vehicles alternator and fit a high output 40 amp battery charger to recharge your auxiliary battery. This is a much more effecient way then using a conventional smart solenoid, as you get constant charging at the end source.
Power Sockets
An excellent way of maximising use of an auxiliary battery is to add power sockets. The power sockets will run from the auxiliary battery only which increases reliability of your vehicle.

Solar Power Systems

From a simple panel to a highly advanced monitored solar control box

BAM Garage, located in Brisbane can competently supply, install and wire up your solar power needs. A well designed and setup solar system is perfect to withstand constant load and can look cosmetically pleasing with slime-line and different dimension panels.

Imagine leaving your Engel fridge running all day long to reveal that your auxiliary battery is still reading over 12 volts. It is certainly possible. Whether it is for work or leisure solar is an excellent way of charging an auxiliary battery. If running solar we do recommend also charging your battery with a 40amp DCDC charger, this allows a fool proof solution for rainy days.

Remember having a battery monitoring system in place is crucial. BAM Garage custom builds a fully monitored DC controller box. This controller box houses all of the electrical infrastructure to include a battery voltage meter, battery low voltage cut-off, lights to illuminate when the system is working vs. when the low voltage cut-off has engaged, power sockets, circuit breakers and a built in solar regulator . The DC controller box can also house an inverter master safety switch, and inverter wiring infrastructure. See inverters for more information.

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Dual Solar Panels
At BAM Garage we have done significant testing and found that twin solar panels provide the best performance and value for money. We have always believed in doing things once, and doing it properly.
Solar Regulator
A solar regulator will significantly boost the performance of your solar panel charge rate. However fitting the right regulator is crucial. BAM Garage can accomodate your needs in this area.
DC Monitored Controllers
Custom built from BAM Garage, a DC monitored controller is the all-in-one solution to solar. Complete with power sockets, circuit breakers, low voltage cut-off solenoid, voltmeter, battery monitor, solar regulator and optional inverter capabilities this truly is the all-in-one solution.