Inverters & GPO


Latest technology, high output.

Get AC to DC power anywhere that your vehicle goes with the Enerdrive ePOWER True Sine Wave Inverter. At BAM Garage Morningside we can supply, install & wire up your automotive inverter. Available in 400w, 1000w, 2000w and 2600w in both 12v and 24v all of your power demands can be met. These inverters are the most sophisticated inverters on the market today. They are designed to precisely replicate and even improve on the quality of electricity supplied by utility companies.

We believe the best value for money is the Enerdrive ePOWER 2000w as it comes standard with an rcd safety switch, which is covered further down the page below. Ofcourse if you are running an inverter it is highly recommended that the power source comes from an auxiliary deep cycle battery / dual battery (i.e. not the start battery). This is for both reliability purposes but also remember your start battery is not a deep cycle battery. Refer to our Dual Battery page for more information on this.

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High Efficiency
High efficiency conversion of battery available power to AC power
High surge capacity
For products that require more power to start (2 x constant)
Automatic Shutdown
Protects overload, over temperature and low/high battery conditions

RCD Protection & GPO

Crucial innovation in safety

If you are going down the avenue of fitting an inverter to your car, caravan or 4wd there are a few extra things to consider improving user safety - RCD protection safety switch & remotely mounted GPO (general purpose outlet). These are both industry standard in your family home. BAM Garage located in the heart of Brisbane we believe this should be standard in your automotive application also.

An RCD / safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through the inverter and detects any problems that may pose a risk to personal safety and switches the output power off within 0.03 of a second. This can be built into the inverter or retro fitted externally further down the track. This is the same style that you would see inside your power box at home.

General purpose outlets (GPO) are also an excellent way to improve safety and usability. The GPO is remotely installed from the inverter. This allows you to install the inverter in a hidden position where it does not take up valuable cabin space – from here you have a GPO with a remotely mounted on/off switch for the inverter. It is a clean, professional and safe way of installing an inverter.

Want to see this in the flesh? Check out our work in the gallery!

Remote On / Off Switch
6 meter remote on / off switch included with both 1000w and 2000w inverter models
Includes 5V USB port
Australian GPO outlet/s
Remotely install GPO outlets for additional safety & ease of use