LED Lighting

Leisure, Site Compliance and Emergency

BAM Garage mechanical workshop & fitout centre Brisbane can help with all of your lighting needs ranging from:

  • LED light bars
  • LED beacons
  • LED emergency products
  • LED minibars
  • LED flexi Tape
  • LED spot lights
  • LED work lamps
  • LED rear flood lighting
  • LED rock lights / underbody
  • Internal additional lighting
  • Camp lighting kits

And to make it better we deal with high end companies such as Korr, Greatwhite & ARB.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work in the gallery! 

Multiple markets
Lighting suitable for Automotive, RV, Boating & Camping
Low battery draw
LED lights take a fraction of battery draw compared to conventional halogen lighting
LED fading & discolouring
Beware of cheap LED products and unbranded products. These products can fade & LEDs can go brown. Only use the best.