GCM Revisions – Pre and Post Registrations

Yesterday, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) advised BAM Garage that pre-registration GCM revisions fall under federal jurisdiction and that if Lovells as second stage manufacturer (SSM) could demonstrate DITCRD approval of GCM upgrades that increase the OEM GCM that this would be deemed acceptable to TMR.

Subsequent to this advice from TMR, Lovells provided BAM with confirmation that they have the relevant DITCRD approvals and that it's "business as usual" for GCM increases on pre-registered vehicles.

This means that BAM Garage will recommence performing GCM revisions on pre-registered vehicles.

Unfortunately, not quite the same speed of progress has been made on clarifying post registration GCM revisions under LS11.  Yesterday, TMR also advised that they are still reviewing how they proceed with vehicles that may have been incorrectly modified under LS11.

BAM Garage continues to work with TMR to understand how they will proceed with GCM Revisions which may have been incorrectly modified under LS11 and will continue to keep you notified as the matter progresses.

Kind Regards

Nick Vafeas
Owner, BAM Garage PTY LTD
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