Safety Inspections & Certificates

S.I.C. & C.O.I.

If you are selling or transferring your vehicle great news, BAM Garage is an approved Queenslad Transport Inspection Station - AIS9533. We can take care of both your Safety Inspection Certificates (S.I.C.) and if your vehicle is 4,500kg - 20,000kg+ BAM Garage Brisbane can carry out your yearly Certificate Of Inspection (C.O.I.). Certificates are valid for 2 months or 2,000km (which ever comes first).

We cater for:

  • Passenger & 4x4
  • Medium duty trucks
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Limousines 

We can also sign off on failed inspections from Transport and Main Roads.

Pre-purchase Inspections

A crucial move to make before purchasing a car

If you are looking at purchasing a second hand or used vehicle then having the vehicle inspected prior to purchase is a must-do. It is very easy to make car look presentable with a detail and polish, what is beneath the exterior can be a different story. Carrying out a pre purchase inspection is a small expense to pay – it may be the difference of being stuck with a car that needs thousands of dollars in mechanical repairs and finding a more suitable car.

Most people selling a car will not have a problem with getting an independent inspection on the vehicle carried out at BAM Garage. From experience we have found the sellers that refuse to get an independent inspection often have something to hide. The end result of a pre purchase inspection can also allow you as the buyer to barter yourself a better price. For example if the vehicle requires $2000 of repairs, the seller may take this off the price or even meet you half way – a cheap investment.

On a weekly basis we will inspect atleast 1 vehicle that already has a roadworthy (issued eleswhere) that is actually not roadworthy at all. Unfortunately because the vehicle you are looking at has a roadworthy does not mean that the car is mechanically sound. Only trust a roadworthy certificate from a station that you are fimiliar with and can trust.

Always remember to get a history / revs check on the vehicle to ensure that it has not been previously written off, and has no finance owing.

Make the right choice
Many customers look for another vehicle after we identify problems in the inspection
Peace of mind
Have the peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a ligitimate car that is in good condition
Save money
Have the potential to get a better deal on your new car based on the report findings