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Certificate of Inspections

Certificate of Inspections (COI) for Rideshare Queensland


BAM Garage are an Authorised Ride Share Inspection Station for the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). BAM Garage is located in Brisbane just 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Queensland legislation requires Rideshare vehicles in Brisbane to have a Certificate of Inspection (COI). This applies to all Ride Share organisations such as Uber, Didi, Ola and Sheba, etc. 

Our team of inspectors have all relevant testing equipment required. Your vehicle will be checked for safety and rideshare compliance including a brake inertia test performed with a GPS Brake Testing device which then links into the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Once your vehicle has passed the inspection, the Certificate of Inspection (COI) will be emailed from TMR directly to you, allowing you to continue using your Uber app (or other relevant ride share app).

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Stay Legal

A rideshare COI is a legal requirement in Queensland. Are you is Brisbane? No problem, give BAM Garage a call or book online.

Efficient Service

From GPS electronic brake testing to online access to your Certificate

Save money

Our COI fee's are in-line with the Queensland Governments recommended charges. Do not pay more then you have to.